Tianjin Great Wall Elevator Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, with registered capital of 50 million Yuan, and is a company specializing in elevator sales, installation, alteration, maintenance and weak current engineering design and construction.Under the leadership of the President Mr. Yang Chunjiang, and after more than 20 years of unified hard work, we have set up a professional team and systematic management system, bing capable of providing customers with advanced scientific solutions and a full range of technical support . ...





A, the management idea
A flag: install the brand is always along the Great Wall group flag

Two lives: safety is the life of the employees' quality is the life of the company
Three parties satisfied: party a satisfactory sales manufacturers achieve satisfaction
Four: strict strict system Strict discipline Strict inspection Strict disposal
Pays special attention to the five disciplines: pay special attention to safety Pay special attention to the quality Pays special attention to the scene Pay special attention to the time limit for a project Pays special attention to receiving

Second, the concept of talent
Three candidates: a sense of responsibility Have a learning heart Have a grateful heart
Three people: treatment retention recognition Leave a person in the future

Three, the code of conduct
Diligent study Careful meticulous Let peace friendly Advocate honor

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